Cloud Closure Notice for US and Malaysia Cloud
This serves as announcement that GMO Cloud America Inc. has decided to discontinue the US and Malaysia cloud server. Read more

Changes to New Signups and Additional Zones Ordering
This is an announcement of changes being implemented in regards to our signup procedure and additional cloud zone ordering. Read more

GMO Cloud America Inc. is a full-service hosting and cloud computing solution provider. An affordable, multi-feature and high-performance platform that includes everything you need to build websites and applications that scale servers, storage, networking API's and more.

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Misou System Corporation

"We compare several services and GMO Cloud was clearly best - placed to combine our need for multiple virtual machines running simultaneously with a comparatively low cost structure. GMO Cloud hosting's flexible resource-type architecture also allowed us to achieve cost optimization. With GMO Cloud hosting it is relatively easy to increase the number of virtual machines, so we would like to take advantage of this. As there is also a US data center location, we will consider how to take advantage of replication across locations." Read more...


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The cloud infrastructure is ideal for various types of configurations and system requirements. Read more...