Load Balancers

Are you running a website with high traffic? Managing online applications or games with hoards of users? In both cases, load-balancing is especially vital to the smooth running of your business. Our Layer-4 Load Balancers will help you build that reliable platform while delivering cost savings at the same time. All plans offer free Load Balancer functionality.

Target Layer Transport layer (Layer 4)
Target Layer Round robin
The Number of Settings Up to one public IP
The Number of Ports to be Set No limit
Bandwidth (Discretionally set) 1 to 512Mbps

(*) OS template cannot be used only when Windows OS is selected.

A Load balancer needs to be created before use of the following fixed resources:
  • CPU1 Core
  • CPU share ratio 10%
  • Memory 512Mbyte
  • Primary disk 5GB
  • SWAP disk 1GB
  • Two global IP addresses

Easy Management

Use our web-based management console or API to provision Load Balancers to build fault-tolerance into your network. Our Layer-4 Load Balancer can disperse and assign large volumes of requests to multiple virtual machines (VMs), thus improving system availability. In the event a VM becomes unavailable, the load-balancer will redirect all traffic to the remaining online VMs.

How to Get Started

Activate Your Cloud Load Balancer

Once you have a GMO Cloud account, use the "Create Load Balancer" API operation or the "Add Load Balancer" feature in the Cloud Console.

Configure Your Cloud Load-Balancer

Use our online control panel and API to define the name, protocol, port, algorithm, and the servers for which you need load to be balanced.