Add-on Services

Outsourcing Options

Reduce the burden of server administration, cut costs, and increase your business efficiency.

Does This Sound Like Your Company?

  • No full-time server administrators available.
  • Difficulty in dealing with matters during the night and holidays.
  • Staff shortages and coping during the busy seasons.
  • Prefer to outsource server builds/operations.
  • Previously passed up on Managed Services due to its high costs.

We offer 3 types of Managed Services to meet your needs.

Security Service Monitoring & Restoration Service Setup Services


  Initial Cost Monthly Cost Per Contract
Security $0.00 $100.00 one virtual server (*1)
Monitoring & Restoration $0.00 $100.00 one virtual server (*1)
Setup Prices vary according to the service menu. (*3)

(*) We hand over root authority to the customer so that operations such as installation may be configured freely.
(*) With managed services, we do not request a daily rate. A one-month fee will occur for the first month, as well as for the month of cancellation. For example: if usage begins on 1/15 and is canceled on 2/20, two monthly fees will occur.
(*) Credit payments are requested in the form of payment by credit card or bank deposit transfer.
(*1) Contracts will be done on a per-virtual server (1 IP address) basis.
(*2) It is provided that the GMO Cloud service usage fee corresponds to 10%, but in the specific case that the monthly fee ($100.00) has been exceeded, a 10% service charge will be incurred.
(*3) In the setup menu it is possible to request individual menu items. Please confirm menu contents and fee details here.

SSL Server Certificate

GMO Cloud Public offers Global Sign’s SSL Server Certificate as an option. We provide "GlobalSign DomainSSL" and "GlobalSign OrganizationSSL".

Global Sign