Cloud Hosting
A complete cloud server platform

Our Cloud Hosting platform provides automated provisioning of infrastructure over the Internet. You can provision and scale virtual machines and load balancing in real time across multiple data centers using a web-based management console or through our API. GMO Cloud's infrastructure is ideal if you need instant access to highly available multi-server environments. You can access and operate it using standard network protocols and IP addresses - no new technical skills or specialized equipment are required.

Flexibility & Efficiency

GMO Cloud's resource-type architecture allows you to independently expand or contract individual resources for each virtual machine such as memory, CPU cores, storage and backup. No lock in - chancel or change your pricing plan any time.

Operating Systems

Our Cloud Servers are pre-configured and let you get up and running instantly. GMO Cloud maintains a variety of Windows and Linux server images in various sizes to meet a range of needs.

High Availability Features

Our service offers access to a shared pool of elastic compute resources and the utility-based pricing allows you to only pay for what you use.

Load Balancers

With our Load Balancers, you can build fault tolerance into your network so the load is distributed across resources. All of our plans offer free load balancing functionality.

Cloud Management Tools

Easily manage your cloud resources with our Customer Portal or automate operations by using our API. We also offer easy to use and advanced server management tools.

Network & Data Center Specs

We designed and built our network to focus on uptime, and created an aggressive Service Level Agreement (SLA) to show just how much we believe in our network.

Data Center Locations

Expand internationally and serve your users faster! Select and use our locations in the USA (San Jose), Japan (Tokyo) or Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).


Being truly secure means more than just safeguarding data and preventing interruptions. We go the extra mile to keep your systems safe.

Add-on Services

We can perform complex tasks involved with server builds and operations on your behalf so you can reduce costs and focus on your core business. Save time and cost by outsourcing security, monitoring & restoration, and setup tasks to our cloud specialists.


Pay only for what you use and save more. Pay for resources hourly with our flexible pay-as-you-go plans, or save even more with fixed monthly fees. You can change or cancel your plan at any time. Zero setup fees and free data transfer!