Standard Services

The following are offered at no extra charge with all server and rack plans. If you need further assistance than what is listed here, please consider our Add-on Services.

5 Business Days for Server Setup

Even urgent setup requests are welcome.

(*) Server configuration can only happen after we confirm your payment.
(*) The required number of days for domain transfer can vary depending on the type of domain.

Server Monitoring (24/7/365)

Reduce or eliminate operational burdens by outsourcing server monitoring. Our 24/7/365 server monitoring service works on your behalf, promptly detecting server or network problems.

Reboot & Support (24-hours Mon-Fri)

We'll provide prompt support 24-hours Mon-Fri and initiate emergency reboot for your server whenever necessary.

Changing Hardware

In the case of emergencies such as equipment problems, we will change the hardware free of charge.

Root Privilege

You will have root access giving you the ability to take full control of your server. You can then use it for almost anything you wish including hosting multiple websites, third party software/applications, game servers etc. You can also maintain it as per your preferences.

100Mbps Shared Line

For all our dedicated server plans, we provide access to a shared 100Mbps line, which is more than sufficient bandwidth for use of regular applications. Also, there is no charge for traffic!

Private Connection

Securely operate multiple servers. With our service, you can connect multiple servers to the network, thereby reducing the load on each server and preventing information leaks.


A highly recommended fundamental security measure, iptables functions as a software-based firewall which is mounted on the Linux kernel. Considering the security situation in recent years, by default we set iptables to ON.

Standard Features:

  • icmp
  • FTP:21
  • SSH:22
  • SMTP:25
  • DNS:53
  • www:80
  • POP3:110
  • IMAP:143
  • https:443
  • Message Submission:587
  • IMAP over SSL:993
  • POP3 over SSL:995
  • PLESK:8443 (*2)
  • webmin:10000 (*1)

(*1) When equipped with Webmin, a web-based system configuration tool for configuring operating system internals, such as users, disk quotas, services or configuration files, as well as modify and controlling open source apps.
(*2) When equipped with Parallels Plesk Panel, which allows a server administrator to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries through a web-based interface.

DNS Settings

By accommodating multiple domains to a single server, you can reduce operating costs and administrative expenses. Our DNS service allows you to easily manage and operate multiple domains by using the DNS setting to host virtual sites / virtual domains on your dedicated server, with services such as Web and e-mail for each domain. Reduce your administrative overheads by consolidating your domain registrations from multiple hosting companies.

Additional Domain Service Required if you wish to add a domain.
Record Modification Please use if you wish to add a domain or create a subdomain.