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Cloud Hosting Applications – Is Cloud Hosting the Right Fit for Web Developers or Designers?

Cloud Applications

With the rapid growth of Cloud Computing, particularly Cloud Hosting, many web designers and developers are finding a need to rethink their processes. The potential for it is huge, but so is the potential for misguided solutions. Let’s look at how Cloud Hosting, a subject we are very familiar with, is affecting how web designers and developers work.

For many developers, the lure of the cloud for web hosting is the potential for freeing them from the time and expense of managing physical hardware, leaving them more time for their real passion, the actual development of sites. The ability to scale up while in the development phase, especially when memory for resource heavy applications are needed, and then scaling down just as quickly at the end of the project is a wonderful tool for any developer.

For many web designers, cloud hosting’s ability to deal with traffic spikes, especially in this age of special promotions on social network sites such as Facebook or Twitter, make it an ideal environment. Traffic spikes that result in crashed sites make any designer’s life a nightmare. Many ecommerce sites are considering the move to cloud hosting as such promotions become more prevalent.

When you couple this flexibility with the cost control for a designer or developer when it hosts for their client sites, a certain inevitable conclusion begins to appear. A developer or designer that hosts the sites for its clients as well can enjoy the added benefits of a more easily controlled IT budget by not being tied to the cost of physical servers added to control traffic spikes. For many web developers and designers, the concept of public cloud hosting couldn’t have come at a better time.

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