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What Can Rendering Get From Cloud Computing?



Evolution of 3D rendering service market and how Cloud Computing promises to deliver more in this unique market segment

3D rendering is popular in the construction field, especially before finalizing a particular architecture and interior design plan.

Another area where rendering proves to be a vital asset is in the film industry and especially the Hollywood industry. Its success is evidenced by movies like Avatar and Transformers, which would never have progressed without 3D.

A recent study study by TechNavio which has predicted that 3D architectural rendering will grow 35 per cent in 2011-2015.

The survey was more biased towards the American market which has shown an increasing appetite for 3D rendering in architecture. Top brass from TechNavio have said that 3D rendering service providers are currently moving away from conventional options to packaged solutions which customers can choose as per requirements.

Marketing efforts of leading construction providers are being given a boost thanks to new age 3D rendering which showcases a fully conceptualized view of a prospective client’s future home. It is possible to model every part of a building before a demanding client’s eyes.

Service providers are exploring new channels of delivery and one promising methodology is, of course, cloud computing.

The gaming industry for instance has now shifted towards cloud-based online gaming environments where the actual user is provided with a rendered image or interface of the game. All heavy duty graphic processing works and game performance analysis takes place on powerful cloud servers resting in data centers globally. Users only need to play a game remotely with their browser or an interface that requires minimal hardware configurations. The rest is up to cloud.

The whole concept behind gaming on the cloud is streaming a huge dataflow onto your remote PC via the internet courtesy of an up-and-running delivery model.

Taking 3D rendered content to the masses provides better 3D farm rendering to people with limited hardware resources. Even smaller companies in the film and animation or construction industries can develop 3D models and work in 3D rendering environments without heavy capital expenditure.

With the ability of cloud computing to offer 3D rendering services to the masses and at affordable rates, the future of 3D rendering services looks promising. This is rightly in tune with a harmonious growth pattern which sees technology combine with image design, art, architecture and conceptualization to achieve never before seen levels of perfection.


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