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This Week in the Cloud [March 8, 2013]


In case you missed it, here are a few notable stories posted on our GMO Cloud blog over this past week, ending March 8th, 2013, highlighting a few topics we focus on here at GMO Cloud. As always, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter updates here.

Is Asia Ready for Cloud Computing?

For cloud-services providers and businesses interested in integrating cloud technology into their business practices, it is necessary to understand if the required environment for cloud technology is available in their t …

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A Cloud Computing Architecture for E-learning

The Asian market seems to be tailor-made for cloud-based e-learning businesses. This is because of the huge availability of affordable computers in the region, the higher-than normal average broadband Internet speeds, an …

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How Progressive is the Gaming Industry When it Comes to the Cloud?

While cloud computing has revolutionized the IT segment as a whole, the gaming industry specifically has reaped enormous benefits from innovative cloud technology. High scalability and low latency are the two important r …

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Why Game Development is Better in a Hybrid Environment

Game development is a complex process. The life cycle of a game can extend for years and some may go on for decades. Some of the game development processes can be easily moved to the cloud whereas others seem to hit a ro …

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Cloud Computing and Big Data – Predicting Pregnancy in Customers!

When you collect big data, there can really be a number of of ethical issues involved with its management. While these are not related to the technical aspects of handling big data, these ethical issues can be even more …

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