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Dedicated Servers In A Cloud – Virtual Private Servers

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There is something new happening in the cloud all the time. Small websites had no option but to opt for shared hosting. The same was true for small businesses and enterprises. But no more. With the advent of VPS or Virtual Private Servers in the cloud, the requirement of small businesses has also been fulfilled.

What is VPS?

In my opinion, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of a VPS or Virtual Private Server. With a VPS, enterprises can run their own dedicated servers in the cloud with minimal expenditure. One can call a VPS a form of hosting service with many advantages over traditional data centers. A VPS environment is highly secure and in-built redundancy offers high availability. For more information on this, please visit Webkeepers.

Advantages of using a VPS

By far the most important feature of a VPS is reliability. As most users are aware, shared hosting comes with huge disadvantages. A shared host has to operate with a few hundred other websites. This can be disastrous if the load on a server, due to traffic on a single site, suddenly peaks bringing the server down.

Even otherwise, fluctuating load can slow page download speed and lead to poor user experience. Web design experts caution web portals against such poor performance. Users or visitors don’t give you a second chance. Dropped website access can mean the difference between a successful transaction and a failed one. This is why shared hosting can be dangerous for enterprises. With a VPS, you don’t suffer from this limitation. You don’t have to bother about a load on server due to traffic on other shared hosts. In fact, you are the owner of a dedicated server.

Versatile Control Panel

One of the grouses of any online entity is the requirement to manage dedicated servers. This is one reason why enterprises avoid the use of traditional dedicated servers. Requirement of system engineers makes this option unviable. In the case of a VPS, though you require a basic understanding of operating systems, the control panel is highly versatile and easy to use. In addition you can manage ten or more domains from a single control panel.

The option to use a different operating environment

A range of virtualization technologies combined with a broad range of operating systems means that enterprises and businesses can easily migrate from their traditional dedicated servers to a VPS without any technical issues.

Value Added Services

There are many other value added services which can be incorporated on demand.  Anti-virus plugins, anti-spam, SSL certificate for additional security to ensure online financial transactions and mobile options can be added.


We generally don’t think of support until we are in trouble. VPS systems have an extensive database which can be accessed by users for troubleshooting and for understanding the processes and systems better.

Cost advantage

One of the major advantages of a VPS is the low cost of hosting. There are a number of packages, small to large, to suit each and every requirement.  In fact, the cost factor itself would tilt the balance in favor of a VPS. For more on on this please visit Webkeepers.

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About the Guest Author:

Sankarambadi SrinivasanSankarambadi Srinivasan, ‘Srini’, is a maverick writer, technopreneur, geek and online marketing enthusiast rolled into one. He began his career as a Naval weapon specialist. Later, he sold his maiden venture and became head of an offshore Database administration company in Mumbai. He moved on as Chief Technology Officer of one of the largest online entities, where he led consolidation of 300 online servers and introduced several Web 2.0 initiatives. He holds a Master’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication.

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