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The 3 Big Cs in Modern Technology

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Technology is supposed to create ease.  But often it only creates headaches and frustrations,especially for business owners. Whether you are a realtor in Phoenix, Arizona or a stock broker in New York City, everyone needs to have a good grip on the technology they used for businesses.  There are 3 Cs in modern technology that can make our professional lives easier. Here is a brief look at all three: cloud computing, colocation and consulting.

Cloud Computing:  Cloud computing gives every business owner an important element they desperately need to properly function in a fast paced market: accessibility.  Cloud Computing is basically saving your information on the internet, so that no matter if your computers crash, get damaged or stolen, all of your information will be safe.

If you have ever lost or damaged your phone beyond repair, you know that sinking feeling of realizing that you have lost all of your contacts and any other important data that you stored on your mobile device.  When a computer’s hard drive crashes or water damage or theft occurs, for example, it’s not just an inconvenience but it also affects your livelihood and business sustainability.

If you are a business owner and are not using any aspects of the cloud, you’re missing out. Find out more about cloud’s benefits and advantages by visiting GMO Cloud’s Features page.

Colocation: Colocation or data centers have been popping up all over, so you have probably heard of the word but might not have a good understanding of what it is. A colocation center is simply an offsite location where you can safely house your servers and IT equipment. Colocation centers have high security, redundant power and internet sources and are temperature controlled so they are an extremely safe place to store your sensitive IT equipment and information.

One thing that you will want to keep in mind if you decide to utilize a data center is the level of service offered. Some locations only offer colocation and basic monitoring while others offer fully managed IT services. Facilities that provide these types of services will monitor and manage your problems for you. If a server goes down, they can fix it, if software needs to be renewed, they will automatically update it and in some cases they can also serve as help desk for your employees.

Consulting: Many businesses are outsourcing their IT to professional companies so that they do not have to employ their own IT department. But for those who decide to keep it in-house, there may be a need for some direction and advice from time to time. Hiring an IT consultant is a route that many firms take because figuring out technology on your own without the proper experience or knowledge can take up too much time and mistakes can be costly. IT consultants can help you move your business in the right direction with expertise in everything from cloud computing, disaster recovery and backup, to strategic planning and patch management among other things. An IT consultant can even help with special projects!

So there they are – the 3 Cs that you should be aware of. As with anything, knowledge is power, so start educating yourself and looking into IT services around your business area. Learn about all of the options that are out there to help business and business owners with the ever changing world of technology.


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