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This Week in the Cloud [March 22, 2013]


In case you missed it, here are a few notable stories posted on our GMO Cloud blog this past week, highlighting a few topics we focus on here at GMO Cloud. As always, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter updates here.

Cloud Computing and the Asian Hedge Fund and Investment Market 03/22

Various hedge fund and investment firms have expanded their cloud computing capabilities in Asia in recent years. Through the use of private clouds, thousands of hedge fund professionals around the world have streamlined …

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Telemedicine in Japan and Possible Cloud Computing Applications 03/21

Telemedicine literally means long-distance medicine, medicine from afar. And communications technologies have always developed alongside telemedicine. The telephone resulted in telemedical experiments being carried out …

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Big Data Touches Us All 03/20

In this series of articles, I have often spoken about ‘big data’ and how it is revolutionizing many aspects of our life. There are ethical issues with the management of big data and I discussed this in an earlier post…

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Managing Server Load: How Do Dedicated and Cloud Hosting Stack Up? 03/19

The advantages of cloud computing are visible all over the internet. Scalability, stability, resource optimization and economies of scale are some commonly cited benefits. But I can hear some server specialists saying…

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service is Leading the Cloud Computing Race 03/18

It is an undisputed fact that cloud computing technology is experiencing rapid growth. The huge impact of cloud-based services on business performance is forcing companies to re-evaluate their concerns and move to the cloud …

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