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This Week in the Cloud [March 30, 2013]


In case you missed it, here are a few notable stories posted on our GMO Cloud blog this past week, highlighting a few topics we focus on here at GMO Cloud. As always, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter updates here.

The Future of Gaming Consoles Lies in the Cloud

The ever-growing demand for cloud gaming is making more and more game developers turn to cloud computing. Recent research and analysis offered by multiple companies on cloud computing trends indicates rapid growth of this…

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Legal Issues in Cloud Computing

Strong legal protection is a critical aspect of giving clients the confidence to move to the cloud. Naturally, no company would want to trust its critical data or processes to the cloud unless it is assured of complete…

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Social Media, Advertising, and the Role of the Cloud in the Japanese Market

If there is one field where Japan has been a slow adopter, it is in social media, particularly the Western brand of social media such as services like Facebook. While private users have eagerly used these platforms, business…

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The Case for Migrating From a Dedicated Server Environment to the Cloud

In my previous post I discussed various aspects of server load and its implications. The crux of the problem is the difference in perspective between the server administrator and the operations manager looking after the…

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Japan Scores High in Cloud Computing Readiness

The relationship between Japan and cloud computing technology is somewhat unconventional, presenting several interesting characteristics. One odd aspect of Japan is that it is considered as one of the countries best prepared…

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