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This Week in the Cloud [13-04-12]


In case you missed it, here are a few notable stories posted on our GMO Cloud blog this past week, highlighting a few topics we focus on here at GMO Cloud. As always, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter updates here.

How Does the Cloud Benefit the Tourism Industry? 04/11

The versatile range of benefits offered by cloud computing technology has revolutionized practically every industry, and the tourism sector is no exception. While the travel industry is late in joining the cloud computing …

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Big Data Can Also Mean Big Errors! 04/10

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey back in the year 2000 generated more astronomical data in a few weeks than had been generated by astrophysicists in the entire history of astronomy. The Chile-based Large Synoptic Survey Tele …
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Collaborative Learning Based on a Cloud Computing Platform 04/09

Cloud computing is rapidly emerging as one of the most important resources for the future of education. Its ubiquity, convenience, and ease of customization let students and teachers have on-demand access to a vast pool …

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Social Media Applications and Cloud Computing 04/08

The new information era belongs to social media. Facebook and Twitter have become entwined in our daily lives, with Google hot on their heels to get in the game as well. The backbone of most prominent social media service …

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