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This Week in the Cloud [13-04-28]


In case you missed it, here are a few notable stories posted on our GMO Cloud blog this past week, highlighting a few topics we focus on here at GMO Cloud. This week we look at range of cloud-related issues, including the changing role of social media in crisis communication, as well as how entrepreneurs might leverage the cloud to kickstart their business.

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The Role of Social Media in Disaster Management

In the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan back in 2011, social media was critical in raising awareness of the situation and gathering charitable contributions and funds. Online social networks were essential in helping people contribute by text messages to the Red Cross…

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Healthcare Industry Moving to the Cloud

Most industries are reaping benefits of the cloud these days, and the healthcare sector is one of the latest industries jump aboard. Certain compliance issues and data security concerns were hindering this shift. But as professionals learn more about the benefits that lie in the cloud, adoption is increasing.

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Mobile Services and Fixed Internet Use in Japan

As with other mature mobile markets, smartphone adoption and advanced mobile services are on the upswing in Japan. Email and social media are the most important mobile internet services in Japan today. Other services like search or reference services, are not as popular on mobile platforms as much as they are on desktop devices.

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An Entrepreneur’s Checklist for Selecting a Cloud Vendor

An entrepreneur’s life is tough. Along with chasing their dreams, they also have to look after their infrastructure requirements. Typically, an internet startup will only have a couple of hands available. The risks are high and there’s usually not much money involved.

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Cloud-Based Security for Traditional Businesses

Over the next two years, enterprises are well on their way to shifting a large part of their IT security initiatives to the cloud. A number of changes are underway in many key technology areas and are providing companies with secure email services, vulnerability assessment processes…

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