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Cloud Infrastructure Now a Fundamental in Business Plans

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According to recent surveys, matters of public cloud infrastructure, social media platforms, and particular mobile technologies are now fundamental parts of business plans across firms in the Asia Pacific region. Nearly two thirds of surveyed organizations in an annual survey about business’s use of emerging technologies answered that cloud infrastructure and social media are an important consideration in future business plans. Overall, it appears that firms in Asia Pacific consider investment in IT fundamental to success in the region.

Key findings

The primary result of these surveys have linked IT investment with business strategy, considering them practically inseparable. This is particularly true when it comes to investing in emerging technologies. A failure to innovate or take advantage of new IT technologies puts companies at a severe disadvantage. Studies show that emerging technologies give companies the edge they need to adapt to market fluctuations.

Businesses in the Asia Pacific have also indicated that they plan on significantly increasing their social media presence, in particular Facebook which has seen an explosion in subscribers in the past couple of years. In America and Europe, social media use in businesses seems more evenly distributed across various platforms with different target demographics. There is also an increased demand for emerging technologies in the logistics and transportation industries. This is because time management and supply chains have become a less important issue than dealing with budget, lag, and overlapping services.

Common concerns about emerging IT technologies

While most companies that indicated intentions to invest significantly in cloud technology, mobile platforms, and social media analytics, there are still key concerns that stop many companies from making a full shift to these kinds of platforms. The common concerns of security and reliability have gradually decreased for many companies, because the technology has improved to the point where services by emerging IT firms are comparable in security in reliability to traditional IT service providers. Rather, many firms have expressed a concern for a lack of availability of these services in the region. Not only a lack of firms providing these services but also a lack of skills needed to operate and maintain these kinds of specialized emerging IT infrastructures.

The potential of the Asia Pacific market

Findings indicate that the Asia Pacific market has immense potential for companies and individuals willing to provide such IT services in the region. While competition is fierce, companies with a particularly innovative approach will find a high demand as well as numerous companies willing to invest in the technology they provide. One of the reasons for this high demand is that very same high degree of competition in this market. Companies are constantly on the search for innovative IT solutions that may allow them to have a slight advantage over their competitors.

It is important to note that this region’s main demands are in the following fields of emerging IT:

1. Social media analytics, platforms, applications, and marketing techniques. The quick rise and adoption of Facebook in the Asia market is of particular note and the platform should be used by IT firms wanting to expand their presence in the region.
2. Cloud computing providers with an emphasis on e-learning platforms, cloud storage, and computing power providers for applications with a high need for power such as graphics rendering or computer modeling.
3. IT firms that are able to take advantage of the particularly high mobile use in the Asia Pacific region, particularly among Japanese users.

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