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This Week in the Cloud [13-05-10]


In case you missed it, here are the stories from our GMO Cloud blog over this past week, highlighting just a few discussions relating to the ever changing world of cloud computing. This week we look at the immense potential of big social data, best practices for securing cloud-based networks, and some obstacles that still exist regarding cloud adoption.

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How Can Organizations Effectively Secure Their Cloud-Based Networks?

The cloud computing revolution has changed the face of the IT industry, as companies can greatly improve business productivity levels. While scalability, agility, and load balancing aspects improve the speed and efficacy of business processes …

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Cloud Computing is a Solution to Many Security Concerns

The eventual move of both hardware and software to the cloud is inevitable, the next likely step in the advance of computing technology. While security concerns surrounding cloud computing are prevalent, the advances in this field to necessary to overcome concerns have already happened …

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The Impact of the Cloud on Social Sciences

Four out of every five Americans are using some form of social media. You may not realize this, but the explosion of social media is partly due to increased availability of low cost cloud computing platforms…

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Points to Consider While Engaging a Cloud Service Provider

There is no shortage of information out there about cloud computing. But the more information, the more possibility there is for confusion over what benefits a business might accrue from cloud infrastructure…

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Looking At the Main Barriers for Cloud Adoption

One of the main reasons why many companies and governments are hesitant with cloud adoption is a lack of understanding about the technology. Rapid advances made in the field mean that what is true one day may no longer be be true only a few months down the line…

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