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An Overview of Social Media Marketing in the Asia Pacific Market

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Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are an essential part of any modern marketing campaign. Because of this, companies all around the world are quickly attempting to maximize their presence on these platforms in order to connect with customers and stay ahead of the competition. The Asia Pacific market is no exception. Businesses in the region are increasingly using social media to improve market penetration and presence, reaching customers with information about services and products in an increasingly personalized way.

Despite the hype, social media marketing is not free

An effective social media marketing campaign can greatly increase a company’s business. Social platforms also have a huge effect on customer service and overall costs, and are favored by consumers due to the increased access to special perks like coupons and special events. However, despite the fact that these platforms are free to use among the general public, setting up an effective social media marketing campaign requires significant investment in personnel and a specialized set of skills.

This is especially true in Asia, where mobile use and social media penetration is significantly higher than in other markets around the world. Larger companies wanting to use this enormous marketing resource will often require a dedicated department to ensure that all major social media channels are properly taken care of. It is a whole new level of customer service. This is a trend that is likely to increase in the future, as social media platforms and understanding of their importance increases in the next decade.

Social media marketing among Asian firms

Both international businesses and companies based in Asia have used social media to their advantage. One reason is because these platforms have the capability to accommodate a large scale of traffic without down time or interruption. While larger companies such as Samsung and LG have had a significant social media presence in the region, one promising shift in recent years is that small and medium businesses are starting to use these platforms to connect with their customers and market their products.

The generation that mainly uses social media on a daily basis is starting to age. Before most companies in Asia viewed social media platforms as something exclusive to the younger generation. But companies are starting to understand the enormous potential for these networks now that they are being used by more people. Rather than simply dipping their toes into the water, many companies are now taking the plunge into what social media marketing and public relations have to offer.


There are several challenges to social media marketing in the Asia region. One is cost. Many companies do not understand that an effective social media marketing campaign requires a substantial investment. This may be related to the fact that social media is free to use for individuals and with a general lack of understanding for what a social media marketer can do.

The fact is that the people in charge of monitoring social media use for companies can have an enormous effect on a company’s brand, requiring an investment to ensure the best possible use of these platforms. In fact, there have been numerous cases of social media marketing backfiring, usually because the persons responsible for these channels do not understand their potential. Investing in the personnel necessary to make these marketing techniques work can keep the social media message of a company from being ignored.

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