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How Cloud Computing and Social Media Will Change Business

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Advances in information technology have a significant effect on how business is done these days, and it will continue to change even more in the years to come. The next couple of years may prove to be crucial to various industries as their capacity to adapt to will be put to the test. This is because many of their customers are adopting a lifestyle that includes being connected to the web at all times. This change means that companies that best capitalize on emerging technologies will dominate the market and find opportunities to grow and thrive over their competitors.

Forced to adapt

Apart from navigating market volatility and economic upheavals, the use of these technologies to provide better services and improve business will be the mark of effective decision makers and business leaders in the next few years. The period from 2009 to 2013 has shown various trends of what businesses will face in the next few years. 2011 was especially troubling in some industries due to global economic difficulties that forced them to make compromises to control costs and stay afloat while also challenged to innovate and advance in their respective markets.

Survival in future markets will necessarily require businesses to navigate such upheavals while making decisions with regard to emerging technologies. Agility and adaptability will be of the utmost importance in the next few years, especially due to the rapid pace of development in the information technology sector.

Cloud computing and social networks will play a central role

The power of customer engagement facilitated through social media and cloud-based communications can help companies regulate their interaction with their most important customers while controlling costs. Upcoming trends that businesses will need to deal with are necessarily centered around cloud computing and social media, two of the most important advances in information technology in the last decade – mainly because the two go hand in hand: traffic surge and ability to accommodate. To learn more about this, read on GMO Cloud’s high availability functionality.

Future trends

As more customers adopt lifestyles that require a constant net connection, web integration is increasingly becoming a the key selling points for many products. For example, automobile manufacturers will need to introduce web access to their vehicles as some industry analysts predict that this will be a determining factor for many customers in making a new purchase. Such implementation of new technologies will need to be balanced with the difficulties that come with our current troubles economy. Cost-cutting measures will be quite important and integrating the cost reducing effects of cloud applications to business models will be crucial.

We have already seen steps in this direction in the last couple of years. Business decision makers would do well to observe the Asia Pacific market, where the high use of mobile devices and advanced broadband and IT infrastructure means that this market has the capacity to help predict upcoming business trends in the rest of the world.

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