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This Week in the Cloud [13-05-03]


In case you missed it, here are the stories from our GMO Cloud blog over this past week, highlighting just a few discussions relating to the ever changing world of cloud computing. This week we look at how the cloud has affected the aviation industry, the adoption of cloud computing in the Asian gaming space, as well as the many ways in which small businesses can benefit from the cloud.

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The Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Asian Gaming Industry

In 2011 there was a massive shift in the gaming industry in Southeast Asia. When high profile game developers in the region announced that they would use cloud computing extensively throughout their operations in the region…

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Business Agility for the Aviation Industry Lies in the Cloud

Cloud computing is not a new concept to the aviation industry. With online bookings, real time flight reservations, and travel management solutions, the aviation industry was one of the first to jump to the cloud…

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The Myths and the Facts about Cloud Computing

There are numerous myths surrounding cloud computing. Some have become an impediment to implementation, and many others just confused the matter altogether. It is imperative to know what these myths are and why they are restricting the use of cloud computing …

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Cloud Infrastructure Now a Fundamental in Business Plans

According to recent surveys, matters of public cloud infrastructure, social media platforms, and particular mobile technologies are now fundamental parts of business plans across firms in the Asia Pacific region…
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A New Cloud Market: Think Micro-Businesses

If you are a large cloud computing company, you may be forgiven for looking down at small fry, micro-businesses that employ less than 10 people. But you could be making a big mistake. Cloud computing for such micro-businesses is where the revenue is going to be from in the next few years…

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