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This Week in the Cloud [13-05-25]


Once again, here are all the cloud-related stories from the past week on the GMO Cloud blog. This week we looked closely at social media’s business implications, especially in the Asia region, as well the use of tape in certain long term storage use cases.

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Social Media: The Business Perspective in the Asian Market

Social networking platforms have had an enormous impact on marketing, offering companies better ways of connecting to their customers and branding their products and services. Companies in Asia have made a particularly…

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An Overview of Social Media Marketing in the Asia Pacific Market

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are an essential part of any modern marketing campaign. Because of this, companies all around the world are quickly attempting to maximize their presence on …

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Is Tape the New Frontier for Cloud Storage?

For several reasons, many companies are looking for long-term storage. The first reason relates to compliance with government regulations. There is an increasing need to store data for the very long term…

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When Cloud Adoption Conflicts With Existing Systems and Processes

Technological advances always bring changes in how we manage our businesses. Ideally the aim should be to quickly align systems and processes, but such transitions also usually require a dramatic change in our own mindset…

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Do Mid-sized Businesses Benefit More From the Cloud? 05/20

Cloud computing technology has created an exciting and vibrant revolution in the IT industry. While every industry had the opportunity to be transformed by moving to the cloud, the IT sector has benefited like no other.

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