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This Week in the Cloud [13-05-31]


Another week has come and gone. Just in case you missed it here’s a quick rundown of the cloud-related stories we’ve featured here on the GMO Cloud Blog. This week we touched on how the cloud affects the customer service industry, as well as issues relating to migration and business performance. To learn more, check out the links below.

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Customer Interaction, Social Media, and the Cloud

One of the ideals of information technology is to improve our daily lives in as many ways as possible. And in recent years, the internet has become an essential part of how we live. Cloud computing and social media have started to develop too, encompassing all kinds of industries and markets…

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Unified Communications – Cloud-Based or On-Premise?

For anyone who has overlooked an enterprise communication system, managing unified communications takes the cake as far as the difficulty level is concerned. Handling various media streams, almost all of them in real time, is no easy task…

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Future Trends of Cloud Computing – How Businesses Can Sustain Improving Business Performance

It is a fact that cloud computing technology has revolutionized the IT industry. But is this craze is here to stay? The cloud computing forecast report from International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that cloud-based services will earn a revenue of $43.2 billion by 2016…

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Practical Issues to Consider When Migrating to the Cloud

Sorting cloud computing myths from facts is critical, especially when the future of your business depends on it. There are several practical issues to be considered while migrating to the cloud…

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How Cloud Computing and Social Media Will Change Business

Advances in information technology have a significant effect on how business is done these days, and it will continue to change even more in the years to come. The next couple of years may prove to be crucial to various industries as their capacity to adapt to will be put to the test…

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