09/1/2012 10:00

GMO Cloud Attends GDC Online 2012 in Austin, Texas


GMO Cloud will have a booth at GDC Online 2012, held on October 9th and 10th in Austin, Texas. Our theme is, "Sell Your Game in Japan!"

At GMO Cloud, we understand that to market your product in another country, there are plenty of barriers to be overcome. Let us and our Business Partners provide you with a one-stop entry package to the Japanese market.

Whether you want to take a hands-off approach by just selling license rights and waiting for your payday, or be heavily involved with each step of the process, we can help you.

Check out our Japan Game Market Entry Package

About GDC Online

GDC Online focuses on connected games including casual, MMOs, virtual worlds, and social networking games. This community-oriented conference attracts more than 3,350 attendees worldwide and provides game development professionals educational, networking, and business opportunities that help drive industry forward. GDC Online is the essential platform where programmers, designers, producers, writers and others involved in the development of interactive games, gather to exchange ideas, and ultimately shape the future of a thriving industry. The conference will also feature the third annual Game Developers Choice Online Awards, the premier accolades for peer-recognition in the connected games industry.

GDC Online is hosted by UBM TechWeb Game Network. UBM TechWeb Game Network offers market-defining content, and drives community through its award-winning lineup of print, online, event and research products and services, including Game Developer magazine and

Find us at Booth #807


Here is a picture of what our booth will look like - pretty cool, huh!?

Here's what you can get if you come to our booth:

  • Play a brand new Android RPG by Eitaro Soft!
  • Check out a new card battle game engine by Sungura!
  • Check out our presentation on the Japanese game market
  • Enter our prize draw to win a Gundam figure (1st prize) or an AKB48 gift set (2nd prize)
  • Entrants will also receive a free copy of our Japanese game market
  • presentation and also be registered for our free newsletter

Find our booth (#807) via the floor plan map for GDC Online 2012 in Austin, Texas.