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Mount Alive, Inc.

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Keywords Cloud, Server, Website, Portal Site, System Management, Cost Reduction, System Expansion, Fault Tolerance, Load Sharing.
Results from Adoption of Cloud Computing
  • The ability to respond flexibly to sudden increases in access, and the formation and operation of a system exceeding in fault-tolerance.
  • Simultaneously achieved improved server performance and cost reduction of approximately 90%.
  • Reduced burden of system management while maintaining stable operations.
Service Currently Used GMO Cloud Hosting

The Music and Amusement Fair "JOIN ALIVE," staged at Iwamizawa Park, Iwamizawa City, has become firmly established as an early summer Hokkaido tradition. GMO Cloud Hosting was adopted as the system infrastructure used to set up the official site for this year's event. We spoke with Yuuki Hatanaka, the Sales and Development Representative of the event's producer Mount Alive Inc., to find out more about the circumstances leading to his successful adoption of GMO Cloud Hosting.

Please tell us about the business activities of Mount Alive Inc.

Mount Alive, Inc.
Sales and Development Representative, Mr. Yuuki Hatanaka

Our company deals with with planning, managing, and promotion of various events, including concerts held by domestic and overseas artists. We are also involved in the production of radio programs and commercials. One of the highlights of our business is the Music & Amusement Fair "JOIN ALIVE", which we organize annually in July.
The event was held for the third time this year, and recognition is growing, with even many people from outside Hokkaido attending. The venue, Iwamizawa Park in Iwamizawa city, boasts both nature and facilities which can be enjoyed by both adults and children, including camping grounds, a rose garden, and an amusement park. Little surprise, then, that families form a distinct presence at the event.

This year, we adopted GMO Cloud Hosting as the system infrastructure for the official site of "JOIN ALIVE", as well as the site used exclusively by smartphones on the day of the event.

Please take us through the build-up to adopting GMO Cloud Hosting

Sites dealing with festival content experience gradual growth in site traffic as the event approaches, which then explodes at the times of the artists' appearances.

While traffic drastically decreases after the event, the site administrator must prepare the system environment with peak access times in mind. Until last year we used expensive high-spec dedicated servers during the peak period, then switched the site data over to a shared server once traffic entered the off-period. But we needed to reduce this cost and extra workload.

at the end of the year we began to consider utilizing the cloud at our own company. While daunting to compare the variety of services and billing systems available, we decided to use GMO Cloud Hosting after reviewing annual cost estimates and conducting a trial run of operations.

Please give us your impressions and the results of actually implementing GMO Cloud Hosting.

The quality of operability was one of the decisive factors for choosing GMO Cloud Hosting.

Since I myself cannot build a server from scratch, I was somewhat concerned about operational aspects. However, I was familiar with the server management tool PLESK, and the Cloud Portal (cloud management tool) linked to PLESK was intuitive to use and easy to understand. Therefore, we have been able to operate without problem.

Also, the 24-hour support structure available for troubleshooting and inquiries is certainly reassuring. Fortunately, we have not needed to use this support much thus far! The Autoscaling feature has also produced better results than anticipated. The feature offloads unnecessary memory during off-periods, adding necessary resources when access dramatically increases to prevent stress felt by site viewers, thus enabling us to cut fixed costs substantially. Compared to the times when we had prepared high-spec dedicated servers for peak periods, costs are down 90%! As I currently perform site development, updating, and server administration single-handedly, it would be difficult to perform these tasks without substantial support features, including the Autoscaling feature. GMO Cloud Hosting provided that vital support and reduced my expenses in doing so.

Has GMO Cloud Hosting impacted on your company's business blueprint in any way?

JOIN ALIVE 2012 (smartphone only)

This year, taking advantage of GMO Cloud Hosting flexibility and using only necessary resources, we were able to create a site exclusively for smartphones to be used for "JOIN ALIVE". The site transmitted helpful information on the day of the event, such as concert time schedules, map of the venue, admission restrictions, and promotional items. For the future, we are thinking of delivering content that increases opportunities for more customers to get to know music. We also wish to add content that increases customer convenience. The nature of such content and the events we will be handling means the site will continue to receive bursts of spontaneous access. However, I believe that our commercialization plans are very achievable by utilizing the scalability of the cloud.

What are you looking forward to from GMO Cloud Hosting in the future?

Firstly, we have reduced server costs beyond expectations - which is very satisfying. Currently, due to the rapid increase in access from smartphones, it is difficult for the administrator to gauge the amount of load the site will bear. The ability to supplement necessary resources in a timely manner is therefore very effective in reducing user stress. I would recommend this service to a business such as ours, where the amount of access to the site varies greatly between peak and off periods. We are looking forward for GMO Cloud Hosting to continue adding new features, and provide a cloud service of even higher quality.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Client Profile

Company Name Mount Alive, Inc.
Head Office Hokurou Building 5F, 12-1 Jonishi, 4 Kita, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 060-0004
  • Planning, production, and management of concerts, etc. by domestic and overseas artists.
  • Planning, production, and management of various events and festivals. Booking artists for various events.
  • Entrusted promotion of artists.
  • Finding and fostering new artists.
  • Production of radio programs and commercials.

Introduction of main products/merchandise


The official site of Mount Alive Inc., leading the music scene in Hokkaido by setting forth the principle "Enjoy LIVE music and be joyful!" The site transmits the latest information relating to various events, such as live performances and concerts by domestic and overseas artists, and rock festivals held in Hokkaido.

Music & Amusement Fair "JOIN ALIVE"

The official site of "JOIN ALIVE", an outdoor event held annually in the suburbs of Sapporo city which merges nature, music, and amusement together. In addition to the live performances unfolding on 4 stages, the venue includes entertainment such as an amusement park, a giant circus tent, and camping grounds. An evolutionary rock festival that can be enjoyed by people with their families.

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* Interview conducted April 2012.