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Cloud Closure Notice for US and Malaysia Cloud
This serves as announcement that GMO Cloud America Inc. has decided to discontinue the US and Malaysia cloud server. Read more

We offer a total of 5 plans consisting of monthly subscription models available on a per-month basis, and also a pay-as-you-go model starting from a minimum of 1-hour of use.

No charge for traffic and no setup fees!

Fixed Price Plans

Our subscription plans are available on a per-month basis, with each plan offering a set of fixed resources. Whenever you need additional resources, you can scale-up instantly via the Cloud Console. Costs for additional resources can be estimated in advance to avoid surprises. You can also upgrade or downgrade to another plan instantly without shutting down virtual machines, giving you continuous uptime while minimizing your operating costs.

Plan Virtual CPU (*1) CPU Share Memory Disk Size Backup Size Monthly
X-Small 1 core 100% 2GB 20GB 10GB $35.65
Small 2 cores 200% 4GB 30GB 10GB $70.15
Medium 3 cores 300% 8GB 40GB 10GB $139.15
Large 4 cores 400% 16GB 50GB 10GB $278.30
X-Large 6 cores 600% 32GB 60GB 10GB $556.60

(*) Each plan comes with 10GB backup space and 1 global IP address.
(*1) Save on processing power - for virtual CPUs, up to100% utilization rate for each core is included in the monthly fee.
(*1) Total control - the Xen hypervisor allows you to set the percentage of virtual CPU cores utilized, in 1% increments from 1-100%.

Available Virtual Machine Specs

GMO Cloud is a resource type service that allocates available resources to create virtual machines with the following specifications.

Virtual CPU (*1) Memory (*2) Disk Size
Maximum 16 cores 60GB(Xen) Approximately 2TB
Minimum 1 core 128MB (Linux)
512MB (Linux + Plesk)
512MB (Windows)
6GB (Linux)
20GB (Windows)

(*) There is no limit on the number of virtual machines that can be created.
(*1) Using the Xen hypervisor, the virtual CPU utilization rate may be designated per core from 1-100% via minimum increments of 1%.
(*2) When Linux is combined with Linux + Plesk, the 6GB will be broken down into 5GB for the primary disk and 1GB swap.
(*2) When LinuxOS (x86) template is selected, there will be a 4GB limit on the memory recognized by the OS.

Flexible Plan

With our pay-as-you-go option, you simply pay for the resources you use. Available from a minimum of 1-hour of use, this plan enables you to launch a virtual machine after confirming the fees to be incurred. Separate hourly and monthly rates are available for use of virtual CPU, memory, disk size, global IP addresses and services. Please see our Additional Resource Pricing for details.

Additional Resource Fees

The following fees will apply when adding resources to the monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go plans. Customers can add these resources manually through the Cloud Console or automatically through the Auto-Scaling feature.

CPU and Memory

  When service is used When service is suspended
Hourly Monthly Hourly Monthly
Virtual CPU (*1)
(per core)
$0.00533 $3.83760 $0.00267 $1.92240
CPU Share
(per %)
$0.00013 $0.09360 $0.00007 $0.05040
Memory (*1)
(per GB)
$0.03000 $21.60000 $0.01500 $10.80000

Disk Size

  Hourly Monthly
Disk Size
(per GB)
$0.00054 $0.38880
Backup disk size
(per GB)
$0.00067 $0.48240

(*1) Receive a 50% discount on virtual CPU and memory when your virtual machine is switched off.

Network Related

  Hourly Monthly
Global Network Bandwidth(up to 100Mbps)(*1) Free Free
Additional Bandwidth(100Mbps - 512Mbps)(*2) $0.01200/1Mbps $8.64000/1Mpbs
Local Network Bandwidth(up to 512Mbps) Free Free
Global IP Address (*3) $0.0027/IP $1.94400/IP
Local IP Address Free Free

(*) Use Cloud Portal to manage all features listed above.
(*) Auto Scale and load balancer functions are incompatible with Windows OS.
(*1) You can set the port speed up to 100 Mbps per VM without charge.
(*2) You can set the port speed a maximum of 512 Mbps per VM.
(*3) Add up to 32 IPs.

Optional Add-on Pricing

The following options are available for any plan.

Control Panel

Control Panel (*1) Hourly Monthly
Plesk11 / 10 Unlimited Domains (*2) - $18.50000

(*) Plesk 10 is heavily recommended if you want to create a new virtual machine using our management tools
(*1) Additional fees are charged per virtual machine.
(*1) You can apply via the Cloud Console.
(*2) You can create unlimited email accounts.

OS Templates

OS Templates (*) Hourly Monthly
All Linux distributions Free Free
Windows 2008 Standard Edition R2 iis x64 xen (*1) $0.083 $59.52
Windows 2008 Standard Edition R2 x64 xen (*1) $0.083 $59.52
Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition R2 iis x64 xen (*2) $0.265 $191.02
Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition R2 x64 xen (*2) $0.265 $191.02

(*) Use OS templates to create new virtual machines through the Cloud Console.
(*) Charges apply to each virtual machine.
(*1) A virtual CPU number of up to 4 cores and memory up to 32 GB can be recognized by the OS with "Windows 2008 Standard Edition R2 x 64" or "Windows 2008 Standard Edition R2 iis x 64."
(*2) A virtual CPU number of up to 8 cores can be recognized with "Windows Standard Edition R2 x 64" or "Windows 2008 Standard Edition R2 iis x 64."

Domain Registration

Domain Annual
Domain (.me, .mobi, .vc, .tv, .bz, .cc) $35.00
Domain (.com, .net, .info, .org, .biz) $15.00

SSL Certificates

SSL Annual
GlobalSign DomainSSL $300.00
 GlobalSign OrganizationSSL $600.00