08/8/2012 09:00

GMO Cloud America, Inc. Rolls Out Multi-location Service

US Customers can now use our locations in both US and Japan

Newport Beach, CA - August 8, 2012

Cloud hosting provider GMO Cloud America inc. will begin offering multi-location service beginning today, Wednesday August 8, 2012, allowing its customers the ability to use resources located in one of two data centers; the USA (San Jose) and Japan (Tokyo).

GMO Cloud America's multi-location service provides powerful provisioning tools that allow its customers to deploy resources in a data center of their choice, making it easy to establish infrastructure in multiple geographic locations using a single Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. The Japan location is particularly attractive to US clients who previously would need to find a Japanese speaker to help them procure and manage hosting in that market where typically all services, software, documentation and support is only available in Japanese language.

GMO Cloud America inc. CTO, Minoru Karasawa, said, “Our multi-location service is attractive to US businesses with global ambitions that wish to deploy services closer to their target markets. GMO Cloud America is one of the few cloud hosting providers catering to US customers that has a strong presence in Asia via our data centers in Tokyo, the capital city of the world's third-largest economy. Our easy-to-use cloud management console and soon-to-be-released API set gives our clients the flexibility for self managed service and the highest level of automation. Within minutes they are able to provision infrastructure without long-term commitments, vendor lock-in, or learning prohibitive new standards.”

GMO Cloud America is known for its lower overall service cost and greater flexibility. Unlike many cloud providers, the firm doesn't charge for data transfer. Whilst other cloud providers offer elasticity in resources, GMO Cloud America allows its customers even greater flexibility by letting them control the number of CPU cores, virtual CPU utilization rate, amount of memory and disk space independently. The firm also offers free setup for all of its price packs.

Director of Business Development, Shadi Ammouri, added, “With new clouds and locations planned to come online this year, we aim to continually deliver the best business value and infrastructure performance for our customers. Both locations are offered at the same price with no premium for our Japan location, meaning you can plan and scale your business as needed. The location for your cloud server is chosen after signup.”

Common Use Cases for Multi-location include:

  1. 1. Provisioning distributed infrastructure to host applications that need to be located near end users. Japan is well-known as one of the largest and most lucrative markets for US software, mobile apps and SaaS.
  2. 2. Disaster Recovery —clients can run their production environment in their own data center and quickly switchover to a disaster recovery site in a GMO Cloud data center in case of an outage.
  3. 3. Failover —clients can host production and failover infrastructure in GMO Cloud America data centers located in either San Jose or Tokyo.


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