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New Price Plans for GMO Cloud Public


November 6, 2012

GMO Cloud America Inc. today is pleased to annouce that we have revised our pricing plans for GMO Cloud Public. As our state-of-the-art technology continues to evolve, we take every opportunity to pass on our increases in efficiency to the customer in the form of cost savings.

About GMO Cloud Hosting

GMO Cloud Hosting is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model public cloud solution that allows users to create virtual machines, and flexibly scale resources so that they pay only for the CPU cores, memory and storage space they use. The service has been selected by serious business users since its launch due to its high performance, reliability and cost efficiency. In addition to zero setup cost and free data transfer, GMO Cloud Public offers highly efficient control over resource usage, resulting in greatly reduced ongoing running costs. It is one of the leading public cloud IaaS in Japan and has a growing presence in the US and Malaysia.

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Changes to Our Price Plans

Our subscription plans are available on a per-month basis, with each plan offering a set of fixed resources. Whenever you need additional resources, you can scale-up instantly via the Cloud Console. Costs for additional resources can be estimated in advance to avoid surprises. You can also upgrade or downgrade to another plan instantly without shutting down virtual machines, giving you continuous uptime while minimizing your operating costs.

We have listened to customer feedback and made the following change to our fixed monthly pricing plans.

1. Reduced Number of Price Packs

Previously, there were 9 price plans. These have been reduced to just 5 plans to make the choice easier.

2. Easier to Understand Naming

We also changed the price plan naming to be a little easier to understand:

  • Pack 0 → Pay-As-You-Go
  • Pack 1 → X-Small
  • Pack 3 → Small
  • Pack 5 → Medium
  • Pack 7 → Large
  • Pack 9 → X-Large

3. Increased Disk Size

For US and Japan locations, disk space will increase as follows:

  • X-Small: 20GB
  • Small: 30GB
  • Medium: 40GB
  • Large: 50GB
  • X-Large: 60GB

For our Malaysia location, disk space will increase as follows:

  • X-Small: 20GB
  • Small: 25GB
  • Medium: 30GB
  • Large: 35GB
  • X-Large: 40GB

4. Free Setup for Pay-As-You-Go

Setup fee for pay-as-you-go customers will be reduced to zero! If you're unsure of how much resources you will use, you can start with no monthly cost commitment.

5. Easier/Simpler Signup

We have also simplified and streamlined our signup process.

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Please inquire to to discuss your specific requirements and receive a price quotation.