05/21/2013 00:23

GMO Cloud America Ranked as a Top US Cloud Provider in 2012


A recent
article in Readwriteweb
cited a report ranking performance levels for cloud providers in 2012.

The data gathered was based on Compuware’s Cloudsleuth service, which conducts monitoring of availability and response time of cloud providers worldwide. This application constantly reviews results from 17 locations around the US and was aggregated over the 2012 calendar year.

Among the top US cloud providers is GMO Cloud America’s US West – California’s location, ranking 7th in the availability segment.

Furthermore, it was noted in the report that location is vital in choosing a cloud host and that balancing data and application use geographically can be beneficial. Overall, this report’s objective is to aid users in choosing which cloud provider to subscribe to based on a list of the most important decision-making criteria.

To read the full report, visit Readwriteweb.