06/06/2013 20:42

Thank You for Coming to the Tokyo Lean Startup Meetup


The Tokyo Lean Startup Circle held one of its larger events last Wednesday, June 5, at the GMO Yours Synergy Cafe.

"Lean Startup" is an approach for startup business owners that relies on validated learning, scientific experimentation and iterative product releases to shorten product development cycles, measure progress, and gain customer feedback.


We have heard and learned a lot from those who shared their business goals. It is good to know that the rest of the attendees were satisfied with the event:

- "Thank you for hosting the event in your space at GMO, very impressive!"
- "The gathering was rather refreshing. I have not met that many non-US Tokyo residences at one time."

Many thanks to those who came to the meetup - you have made it a truly inspiring event!